​Advantages of full automatic retort machine

Advantages of full automatic retort machine

The automatic retort machine is a retort machine that automatically controls the whole process of sterilization. It also increases the control of the cooling stage than the semi-automatic retort machine, and has the highest degree of automation. It has many advantages.

PLC control system, electromagnetic valve, reduce the difficulty of workers' operation. JOOYAN sterilizer will send people to the enterprise site to install, debug and input parameters at the factory. The operator can just click on the touch screen.

The temperature control precision is high, and the nutrition and taste of the food can be kept to the utmost under the premise of meeting the sterilization requirements, and the energy consumption is reduced.

The pressure control has high precision, so that in the sterilization process of the product, the pressure inside and outside of the sterilized tank or bag can be balanced, and the occurrence of broken bags can be prevented.

The alarm system is full. The mechanical safety interlock system and the electronic temperature, pressure, water level, and action safety system work together for better safety.

It can store 100 sets of multi-stage temperature and pressure precision control technology to improve the taste and shelf life of the products after sterilization.

It can be computerized, realizes remote control, realizes unmanned workshop, one control room, controls the whole workshop production, and is the future development direction of the enterprise.

The automatic retort machine is about double the price of the manual retort machine. The equipment investment is a bit bigger, but the product quality is improved, the sterilization and crushing is reduced, the energy is saved, and the technical requirements of the workers are reduced. It is the primary choice for the food enterprises in China. .

Automatic retort machine control panel

Automatic retort machine control panel