Eight-treasure porridge retort machine


Eight-treasure porridge retort machine

Application of eight-treasure porridge retort machine in the production of eight-treasure porridge

Eight-treasure porridge, also known as Laba porridge, Buddha porridge, Wuwei porridge, Qibao porridge, Qibao Wuwei porridge and so on. It is a kind of porridge made from a variety of ingredients in the Laba Festival. Folklore comes from Scorpio. Eight-treasure porridge has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, eliminating weight loss, and replenishing the vital energy. It can be used as a diet for obesity and neurasthenia, and as a food for daily health and fitness.


With the rotation technology of the retort machine, the automatic control technology has been continuously improved, the product shelf life has been extended to two years, and the production of the eight-treasure porridge has also achieved rapid development. The following is the technical data of the production of the eight-treasure porridge arranged by JOOYAN Machinery, which is used by the manufacturers of the eight-treasure porridge retort machine.


First, eight treasure porridge process




Second, process control


(1) Acceptance of raw materials and packaging materials


1. The inspector receives the notice of arrival, according to the “Incoming Goods Inspection Regulations”, “Consumer Acceptance Standards for Raw Materials,” and “Operational Inspection and Operation Procedures” for each batch of each batch to be tested, sampled, and inspected. Timely report to the quality director, and keep samples of the raw materials for sampling.


(B), the pre-processing


1. Distinguish the varieties and select the selected varieties separately.

2. Carefully select all the impurities (such as stones, straws, hair, glass sheets and pocket ropes) of each variety, and mold and bad;

3. After the selection is completed, it should be classified and placed, and should not be mixed and stacked;

4, longan meat should be rinsed in advance, the person responsible for rinsing the longan meat must choose the inside of the grass, the remaining longan shell, etc., the longan meat should be divided as much as possible.


(III) Workshop production process


1, washing rice, mixed rice


1.1 According to the daily production volume, the food needed for the day is washed, not much washing (four tons in the winter, usually mix well on the mixing table to dry and dry);


1.2 There must be a recipe record when cleaning;


1.3 Clean each batch of grain, dry it, pour it into the mixing table, and check it carefully after pouring it to see if there are any impurities such as some unselected stones, straws, etc.


1.4 Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.


2, ingredients


2.1 According to the formula of the product, carefully weigh each small piece and carefully record it. The other person re-weighs it again and checks whether it is wrong or not. It must also be recorded truthfully.


2.2 According to the technical requirements of the eight-treasure porridge, weigh it in the following order: (1) weigh the sugar (2) weigh the KT-1 compound stabilizer


3, chemical materials


3.1 Check the cleanliness of the ingredient tank and the insulation tank;


3.2 First rinse the batching tank, heat preservation tank and pipeline with cold water, and then rinse it from front to back with hot water of 95 degrees or more;


3.3 Heat the sugar in the batching tank with 90 degrees to 95 degrees, stir evenly;


3.4 In the order of the small materials, put them into the batching tank in the order of the front and back, stir evenly and then put them into the heat preservation tank and heat them in the heat preservation tank. The temperature is kept above 95 degrees.


4, filling


4.1 particle filling machine


4.1.1 Check the cleanliness of the fuselage and hoist before production. Clean the food inside the hoist after the end of each shift. Wash the body with clean water, clean it in place, avoid dead ends, and use a brush at the same time. Clean the conveyor belt;


4.1.2 Check whether the number of grams per can is 37-39 grams during filling, to see if each can has longan and lotus seeds;


4.1.3 Before each start, observe whether there is leakage or less irrigation. It is found that it should be picked out in time to prevent entry into the next process.


4.2 Sugar water filling machine


4.2.1 Check the cleanliness of the balance tank and filling head of the machine and the filling machine before production;


4.2.2 The temperature of the syrup filling machine is above 85 degrees. It is taken once every 20-30 minutes in production. The net content of Babao porridge is 365~375 grams. It is found that operators with less irrigation and leakage irrigation should pick out in time. ;


4.2.3 In the case that the retort machine is almost full, it is necessary to control the number of tanks filled with sugar water, not to fill the basket and the remaining tank on the conveyor belt;


4.2.4 When the sterilizing pot is full, it is necessary to adjust the time of the pan and the filling of the four baskets, so that the time for the first pot to enter the eight-treasure porridge is not more than 45 minutes;


4.2.5 After the end of production, the syrup filling machine should be flushed with hot water under the condition of forced feeding. The filling head should also be removed and cleaned regularly, and the body should be cleaned.


4.3, sealing process


4.3.1 When the upper cover is required, the operator is required to ensure that the cover cannot be missed, and that the defective cover should be picked out in time;


4.3.2 Appearance monitoring frequency: The frequency of checking the appearance of the cover is 1 time / every 15-30 minutes;


4.3.3 Appearance inspection content: Continuously sample on the conveyor belt after the cover according to the mark on the capping machine. Observe the sample of each can with 360° rotation of the naked eye. First, see if the can and cover version meet the requirements; whether the can body has scratches, indentations, etc.; then look at the appearance quality of the cover, whether the cover surface is clean (with or without oil, whether or not There are spilled rubber scratches, false rolls, sharp edges, etc.);


4.3.4 If a head seal can be found to be defective, it should be re-sampled and inspected. If there are still defects and the situation is serious, the equipment personnel are required to make adjustments.


4.3.5 The detection frequency of the inner and outer dimensions of the double-sealing of the tank body shall not be less than 1 time/every 40-60 minutes;


4.3.6 Continuous sampling on the conveyor belt after capping, first carefully check the appearance quality of the tank body, pull the pull ring on the face cover, pour out the contents, and number them according to the marks on the capping machine;


4.3.7 Use oily pen to evenly fix three points on the surface (bottom) cover curl (Note: the first point on the opposite side of the weld position), and level the tank with a gauge caliper or spiral micrometer with an accuracy of 0.02 mm. The can height, the curl thickness T, and the width W are measured one by one in sequence (the gauge must be zeroed before each measurement); then use the iron pliers to open the cover and remove the cover hook to see the wrinkles on the cover hook. To determine the most severe area of wrinkles for assessment of tightness. Further measuring the cover hook CH and the body hook BH one by one corresponding to each detection point;

rotary retort
rotary retort

4.3.8 All the above data are recorded in the “Filling and Sealing Inspection Record”, and the corresponding overlapping length OL, hook spacing and overlap rate OL% are calculated in time, and judged according to the sealing quality standard (see attached table); If the unqualified subsampling is still unqualified, the equipment personnel shall be required to make adjustments, and the production shall be resumed after the qualification is confirmed;




The number of the above tests or inspections is one continuous sampling per time and the number is not less than 3 cans of the capping machine, and the inspection results are recorded truthfully.


4.3.9 Sealing quality standard: crimping ratio ≥50%, tightness ≥60% (=1-wrinkle). (body hook 1.90±0.15; cover hook 1.90±0.15; crimp width: 2.8±0.15; crimp thickness <1.25; OL: ≥1.0)


5, sterilization


5.1 Eight-treasure porridge sterilization conditions: up to 108 ° C, after 4 minutes, stop the steam began to heat up, constant temperature sterilization: 122 ± 1 ° C; constant temperature 55 minutes. Use a rotary sterilizer to rotate and sterilize. Non-rotating type will cause eucalyptus sedimentation stratification during sterilization, cooling and cooling after sterilization, the specific cooling temperature depends on the situation, generally below 45 degrees.


5.2 Before the production every day, each octopus porridge retort machine must be pre-tested, open the steamer to open the steam valve for about 3-4 seconds to see if there is steam blasting;


5.3 Every 30min/time inspection process in the production process, record the surface pressure, temperature, mercury temperature, etc. of the constant temperature retort machine, and check whether each valve leaks.


5.4 When cooling, pass a certain amount of compressed cold air into the sterilized pot of the eight-treasure porridge to maintain the pressure balance inside and outside the tank. The back pressure is controlled at 1.2-1.3mpa, and the back pressure drop can prevent the occurrence of the tank after sterilization, which is an important operation.


6. Confirmation and inspection of the bottom of the tank


6.1 Daily special personnel need to debug the printer to confirm the date, format and size.


Coding, only the following two forms are allowed: 2011 07 18 or 2011/07/18; in addition, the factory code must be included after the date.


6.2 Check the coding every 30min/time during the production process.


6.3 If it is found that there are signs of ambiguity, misalignment, mistype, and missed, the operator is required to promptly call it out.


(four), packaging


1. Beat test


Products that pass the insulation test shall be tested first by tapping the product before the product is packaged. It is judged whether the tank seal is tight by tapping the sound. For the abnormal one, it is strictly forbidden to enter the next process.


2, check tank


2.1 After passing the test, the products that have passed the test shall be inspected for each can, and the defective products such as the cans, the cans, the scratched cans, the no-rings, and the welds shall be carefully detected;


2.2 In the process of tank inspection, each tank product should be shaken vigorously. If the sound of product flow in the tank is not heard, it indicates that the tank product is thick and solid, and it is also a non-conforming product. Check out.


4, the cover


4.1 According to the demand plan, the packaging squad leader should receive the rubber cover required by the class in time, and the plastic cover should be properly placed to prevent pollution;


4.2 After receiving the rubber cover, the upper cover personnel first check whether the rubber cover is qualified, whether the spoon inside the rubber cover is detached, whether the inside of the rubber cover and the spoon are clean. If there is any problem, the upper cover must be stopped in time and reported to the packaging squad leader;


4.3 When starting the upper cover, check whether the eight-treasure porridge cans that are to be covered are qualified (that is, whether there is a phenomenon described in 2.1). If the coding is wrong, the surface of the eight-treasure porridge is easy to clean. If dirt or water stains are found, it must be used. Wipe clean towel and wait until it is fully up to standard.


4.4 The upper rubber cover should be tightly closed, the cover should be tight, and the cocking or rubber cover should not fall off. Do not use the defective cover, the burr cover, the special color cover, the dirty cover, the oil cover, etc. And report to the squad leader for disqualification;


5, packing


5.1 gift box


5.1.1 Before packing, first check whether the outer box is clean, whether the printed pattern is clear, and whether the handle is secure;


5.1.2 According to the different specifications of the gift box, firstly place the tank on the inner support of the carton. The two inner brackets of the 1*8 product are placed in parallel above and below. The 1*10 product puts the product and pushes it flat. In the outer box, be careful not to cause the tank to be skewed or the rubber cover to fall off during the packing process;


5.1.3 After the gift box is installed, seal the outer box with tape, paste it flat, no wrinkling of the tape, and post a certificate of conformity. The position of the post must not cover the printed content on the outer box; the blue ink on the certificate To stamp the production date and production shift of the batch of products, the card number shall not exceed the margin of the certificate, and not much or not;


5.1.4 After the packing is completed, the palletizing is standardized. When palletizing, the tank should be placed upright and the side should be placed.


5.2 Lite or ordinary


5.2.1 According to the specifications of ordinary equipment, in order to prevent the phenomenon of less loading during packing, for 1*12 products, it is required to place a group of 3 cans in the box for a total of 4 groups; for 1*24 products , each set of 4 cans is placed in the box, a total of 6 groups;


5.2.2 Packing requirements are smooth and the paste should be firm and free from wrinkling.


5.2.3 On the front side of the ordinary outer box, the production date of the batch of products shall be stamped with blue ink, and the card code shall be specified and clear;


5.2.4 Code specification.


5.3 The length of the tape attached to the side of the box is 4~5cm.




Third, eight treasure porridge production equipment


Device name


Purpose, use




washing machine


Cleaning beans


Process, production needs


Soaking pot (pool)


Soaking beans


Process, production needs


Cooking pot


Bean cooking


Process, production needs


Gold inspection machine


Metal detection




Empty tank hoist


Lift empty can




Can washing machine


Cleaning empty cans




Particle filling machine


Filling beans




Soluble sugar pot


Heating dissolved sugar




Juice machine


Add a certain amount of sugar solution










Cage system


Put the sealed iron can into the sterilization cage




Rotary sterilizer






Unloading system


Remove the iron pipe from the sterilization cage to the assembly line




Air drying system


Residual moisture in the iron tank after drying and sterilization




Plastic cover capping machine


Add plastic cover and spoon




Inkjet printer






Packing palletizing machine, etc.


Packing, stacking


Production needs




Fourth, some equipment and workshop pictures





















JOOYAN mechanical rotary eight-treasure porridge retort machine features:


1. Rotate continuously during sterilization to ensure no stratification and sedimentation during sterilization, and the sterilization is more uniform and thorough.


2. Fully automatic computer control ensures that the temperature and pressure time are controlled completely according to the sterilization process curve, the product quality is more guaranteed, and the taste is more uniform.


3. Automatic back pressure control system to avoid the phenomenon of rising tank during sterilization.


4. Double temperature sensor, double mercury thermometer and pot door interlocking self-locking safety device ensure that the operator can safely operate the eight-treasure porridge sterilizer in case of sudden water stop and power failure, to prevent accidents. After sterilization, the temperature inside the eight-treasure porridge tank is high. When the pot door is suddenly opened, the external pressure drops sharply. The internal pressure of the eight-treasure porridge is greater than the external pressure, which will cause the tank or even the tank to rupture. The high-temperature liquid with metal fragments rushes out of the pot door, causing casualties and equipment damage. . JOOYAN Babao porridge retort machine, early preventive measures for the cause of this accident, to ensure that the temperature inside the tank can be known at any time, can reduce the pressure inside the tank.