How to buy duck egg retort machine

How to buy duck egg retort machine

Salted duck eggs are a kind of food that people like. Salted duck eggs are divided into bulk and vacuum packaging. The different packaging forms also determine the difference between the use of retort machines.

Is the steam retort machine or the water bath type retort machine?

The salted duck eggs after vacuum packaging can not be directly contacted with the outside world, so you can take a water bath duck egg retort machine or a steam duck egg retort machine. The steam-type duck egg sterilizing pot is directly used for steaming in a single pot, and the equipment investment is small, but relatively speaking, the water bath type duck egg sterilizing pot has a better taste. The water bath type duck egg sterilizing pot generally adopts a double-layer horizontal sterilizing pot, and the equipment investment is large, and generally suitable for some manufacturers with large scale and continuous sterilization. Bulk salted duck eggs are directly in contact with the outside world. Everyone knows that the eggshell can be soaked in water and can be salted in. Under the high temperature and high pressure environment, the taste of salted duck eggs will be dispersed and affect the taste. The salted duck eggs in bulk are best to use steam duck egg retort machine, steam sterilization can be directly used in a single layer retort machine.

Why do you want to use back pressure control technology for duck egg retort machine?

The duck egg sterilizing pot is back-pressure sterilized during operation, that is, the compressed air is introduced into the pot to increase the pressure, and the soft pack is prevented from rising. The operation is described as follows: since the compressed air is a bad heat conductor, and the steam itself has a certain pressure. Therefore, during the temperature rise during sterilization, the compressed air is not placed, and only when the temperature is lowered after the sterilization temperature is reached, the compressed air is opened into the pot. Because after sterilization, the product temperature is at 121 ° C, then enter the cold water to cool down, the product appearance temperature is reduced, but the product center temperature is still 12 ° C, if you do not add compressed air, it will rise because of the internal and external pressure difference, so the reverse Pressure technology is a very important technical treatment. JOOYAN Duck Egg Sterilizer is equipped with automatic pressure and automatic air supply constant pressure system to ensure the quality of the product in the sterilization process. When the pressure in the retort machine is higher than the pressure required for sterilization, the exhaust valve will automatically open and the pressure inside the pot will be The pressure required for sterilization is discharged; when the pressure in the retort machine is under pressure, the air supply valve automatically replenishes the retort machine to the pressure required for sterilization.

Why do duck eggs cool down quickly?

The salted duck egg sterilizer is better to maintain the taste of salted duck eggs. It must be quickly and desirably lowered to the ideal temperature in high temperature. JOOYAN sterilizer uses high-power, high-lift, high-flow cold water supply pump to complete in a short time. The injection of cooling water completes the injection of cooling water in a short time to preserve the flavor and taste of the goods as perfectly as possible.

Why use a fully automatic sterilizer?

Because the egg shell is fragile, it has breathable water permeability, and there is an air chamber in the egg. Therefore, it requires rapid high temperature sterilization and rapid cooling, so that the salted duck egg yolk has good oil flow and good taste. Such control requirements must be strictly in accordance with the process curve. This is difficult to control by hand. Poor control will result in poor mouthfeel and even increase the rate of breakage. Therefore, you must purchase a fully automatic retort machine.


Single tank horizontal steam retort machine – suitable for bulk egg sterilization


Double-layer water bath retort machine – suitable for vacuum packaging salted duck egg sterilization

In summary, the principle of purchasing the duck egg retort machine is: vacuum packed salted duck egg retort machine uses a fully automatic double-layer water bath type retort machine. The bulk salted duck egg retort machine uses a fully automatic single-pot steam retort machine. In pursuit of oil production, choose a fully automatic double-bath sterilizer. Depending on your production, you can purchase different types of duck egg sterilizer. Please leave your email address in the comments section to leave your output. We at JOOYAN mechanical engineers can help you choose. You can also call directly at the bottom of the screen to contact us.