retort machine

retort machine FAQ

Retort Machine FAQ

Q1: What is your company’s main product?

Specializing in the production of various food retort machine, can extending the shelf life of more than one year.

Three cans water immersion
Three cans water immersion

Q2: When is the delivery date of your product?

Usually the small retort machine delivery date is 30 working days, and the large retort machine is 60 working days.


Q3: What is the payment term?

Deposit 40% before the delivery of the retort machine.


Question 4: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are manufacturers of retort machine. We have a professional design and production plant.

retort machine manufacturer
retort machine manufacturer

Q5: Where are you? Is it convenient to visit you?

We are located in Shandong Province, China. The traffic is very convenient. Very close to Qingdao Port.


Q6: How can you guarantee the quality?

1.18 years of experience in the production of retort machine.

  1. Fully automatic welding equipment.
  2. Experienced and skilled workers.
  3. World famous company accessories.
  4. Strict testing.
  5. On-site installation, commissioning, training. For businesses around the world.
  6. Strict quality control system certification.
No damage detection
No damage detection

Q 7: Can you design a retort machine according to our requirements?


We can not only recommend our retort machine according to your requirements, but also why you develop a retort machine, including special sizes and special requirements.


Q8: Can you provide overseas technical support?


We can send engineers to your company for installation and commissioning training.

retort machine operation
retort machine operation

Q9: Why do our customers trust and choose us?

  1. History
  2. Experienced
  3. Fast delivery
  4. Engineer Service
  5. Competitive price
  6. High quality
  7. Strict quality control
  8. Experienced skilled workers
  9. Perfect retort machine test
  10. Rich export installation experience
  11. Excellent after-sales service
  12. Advanced large-scale production machinery and equipment

Q10: If you want to send an inquiry, we should know:

  1. What is your product?
  2. What is the size of your product? Length * width * height=?
  3. How many bags do you want to process per hour?
  4. Product nature?
  5. the expected shelf life= ? day

Q10:what can your retorts sterilize?

canned ,food ,meat,dairy…..


If you have more questions about our products, please send us an enquiry.

Usually, you will get a response within 24 hours. Thank you


Q11.retort machine definition
Looking at a retort machine like a large stainless steel jar, some people will ask, what is retort machine What is a retort machine?
A sterilizer is a device that kills bacteria and extends its shelf life.
There are many bacteria that affect the health of the food and the taste of the food, such as mold, yeast, Escherichia coli, botulinum, etc. Most of them are killed at 80 ° C, but some bacteria such as Bacillus botulinum at 80 ° C It can’t be killed, it loses its activity at 100 °C for 6 hours, and it takes 3 minutes at 121 °C to lose its activity. Bacillus botulinum is a heat-resistant anaerobic bacterium in foods, and the produced toxins are liable to cause death. Sterilization is aimed at killing botulinum.
However, foods have a large volume, and external heat is not easily transmitted to the inside, which takes a certain amount of time. Moreover, this high temperature environment is easy to cause harm to people, in order to better control the sterilization temperature, sterilization time, and ensure the safety of the operator, people invented the retort machine.
The sterilizer was initially used in biological laboratories to kill bacteria and later used on food to ensure the shelf life of the food.
The shelf life of canned foods that have been sterilized by high temperature is now 2 years, and there is still no corruption for more than 2 years.

Q12.retort machine meaning
The sterilizer, like the pressure cooker, kills bacteria at high temperatures. However, the design of the sterilizing pot allows the heat to be quickly transferred in the pot, and can quickly and evenly make the food inside and outside the food inside and outside, and the food inside and outside the pot all reach the prescribed sterilization temperature, and preserve other nutrients and good taste of the food. Ensure that the center F value reaches 4. when sterilized at 121 °C.
In order to reach the sterilization temperature as quickly as possible, and to lower the temperature at the fastest, without causing the phenomenon of breaking the drum and drum due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the food, and supporting the heating and cooling system, the switches of these valves are automatically controlled.

Q13.retort machine wiki
RETORT machine Sometimes referred to as a distiller in a chemical laboratory, it is a glassware device for distilling or retorting substances. It consists of a long spherical container.


In the food chemical industry, RETORT machine refers to sterilized closed high pressure vessels, including small retort machines, vertical retort machines, and large horizontal retort machines.

water immersion retort


Q14.what does a retort machine do

The retort is a device that uses high temperature and high pressure steam to kill bacteria in a closed container. Its role is to eliminate bacteria, it can not destroy all bacteria, it can only reduce bacteria, so there is very little bacteria in the food after the retort machine treatment.
A sterilizer is a device that extends the shelf life of food.

Q15.retort machine process

Since the retort machine is an opaque closed container, the internal working process is not easy to see. People want to know how does a retort machine work. How does the retort machine work?
Then let’s talk about the retort machine working sterilizer work 2,550,000

The following is a water bath type sterilizer as an example to illustrate the use of retort machine use sterilizer

There are 4 steps in the sterilization work step, which are water injection in the lower pot, heating in the lower pot, heat preservation and sterilization, and cooling down the finished product.
1. Filling the tank with water
Push the food into the sterilizer, close the pot door, and start pouring the tank.
2. Lower pot heating
Open the Unicom valve, the circulating water inlet valve, the circulating water outlet valve, the circulation pump, the steam valve, and the water in the pot is heated up. Generally, it rises to a predetermined sterilization temperature of 121 degrees in 5-10 minutes, and starts timing.
3. Insulation sterilization
After the set sterilization temperature is reached, the sterilization time is started and the time is automatically stopped. Fully automatic or semi-automatic retort machines are automatically controlled.
4. Cool down the finished product.
The manual operation of the manual retort machine and the semi-automatic retort machine requires manual operation, and the automatic retort machine is automatically controlled.
Open the union valve, hot water recovery valve, circulating water outlet valve, and circulation pump to make the water level of the pot reach a low water level, and then open
The water pump and the communication valve are cooled down by the circulation, and after the temperature of the finished product is lowered, the drain valve and the circulation pump are opened.
The exhaust valve opens to remove the residual gas from the pot until the pressure in the pot is zero.
Then open the pot door and pull out the sterilization basket after sterilization.

Q16.retort machine function

Mainly applicable to
Canned meat, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, etc.
Protein beverages that require high temperature sterilization such as milk, soy milk, almonds, coconut milk, peanut milk, etc.
Cooking cans of soft cans such as ham sausage, diced chicken, pheasant, pure milk, etc.
Glass tube, tinplate can, PP bottle, HDPE bottle, aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking, etc.

retort sterilizer application
retort sterilizer application

Q17.retort machine cost
The retort machine is a pressure vessel made of stainless steel 304, and the equipment cost is high.
The design life of the retort machine is 10-20 years. China stipulates that the sterilization period of the retort machine is 8 years. Therefore, the annual depreciation rate of the retort machine is 10%.

Q18.retort machine pdf

In order to facilitate the purchase and maintenance of the retort machine by the food manufacturer who purchases the retort machine, the retort machine manufacturer provides the retor machine pdf
For training and use.

Q19. What are the models of the retort machine?
Many common types of sterilizer models are:
Small retort machine
Water retort machine
Vertical retort machine
Mini retort machine
Autoclave retort machine
Portable retort machine
Steam retort machine
Spray retort machine
Caned retort machine
Can retort machine
Retort canning machine
Canning retort machine
Retort machine for cremation
Pilot retort machine
Retort food machine
Food retort machine
Food sterilizer retort machine
Retort machine function
Horizontal retort
Water immersion retort
Retort equipment

retort machine jooyan
retort machine jooyan

Q20. retort machine sales
The retort machines are sold all over the world. The best-selling countries and regions are China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and other countries.

retort machine price
retort machine price