Jacketed Kettle

Jacketed Kettle

In the food production industry, the food materials must be pre-treated before package and sterilization. The pre-treatments include frying, cook and steam etc. Therefore, the food production industry often needs to use a jacketed kettle. It is also widely used in canteens, restaurants, schools and other public places.


Conventional jacketed kettle can only heat the material to about 100 ° C under normal pressure, which is insufficient for some products, or prolongs the cooking time and thus affects the yield. For these products, higher temperatures and pressures are required. The high temperature and high pressure jacketed kettle is sealed on the base of the traditional cooking pot by installing a pot door above the pot body. During the cooking process, the temperature gradually increases with the increase of pressure, which can meet the processing requirements of some materials requiring high temperature cooking.


High-temperature and high-pressure jacketed kettles are widely used in the processing of cakes, preserves, beverages, canned foods, lo mei and other foods. They can also be used in large restaurants or canteens, soups, stews, stews, porridge, etc., which are food processing to improve quality, shorten time and improve working conditions.


1. Opening and closing door system uses hydraulic control to effectively prevent the operator from scalding.
2. Pouring food material can be controlled by the joystick or the button, which greatly saves manpower operation.

Operation Procedures

1. Control the button to tilt the pot body, pour the food material into the pot, return the pot body, close the pot door and press it tightly, and turn on the power to start heating.
2. After the material is cooked, open the pot door, control the button to tilt the pot, and pour the food material onto the transport equipment.