Vertical retort machine

Vertical retort machine

The small vertical retort machine is also called the laboratory retort machine. It is a small retort machine, and the general volume is 60-600L.

Vertical retort machine principle

Vertical sterilizer is a device that sterilizes container packages by means of steam in a vertical closed metal pot or kettle.

Vertical sterilizer

It mainly consists of pot body, head, sterilization basket, steam system, cooling water system, gas (water) draining device and temperature and pressure monitoring system.

Vertical sterilizer type

The steam supply mode can be divided into a bottom blow type and an upper blow type; the heat supply mode can be divided into a steam type and an electric heating type. The cooling method can be classified into a normal pressure water cooling type, an air pressure cooling type, a steam pressure water cooling type, and the like. When the vertical retort machine is sterilized, it is usually divided into products such as pot filling, exhausting, heating, sterilization, cooling and unloading. Exhaust, temperature rise sterilization process, according to the requirements of specific products, according to the process rules. The cooling of the product can be achieved by cooling under normal pressure in the pot, using steam and water, air and water to pressurize cooling, cooling in the outer tank or air cooling.

Vertical sterilizer features

1. Hand-wheel type opening, convenient and labor-saving, no effort, no pain when the lid is opened.

 2, all stainless steel basket, stainless steel liner, stainless steel body, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.

 3. The equipment has time control, temperature and pressure control, liquid control, water shortage alarm, sterilization end music prompt function, equipment safety valve forced pressure relief within the specified pressure range, overpressure self-unloading.

 4. The equipment has both steam sterilization and boiled sterilization to meet the needs of various customers for high temperature sterilization conditions. It is equipped with an intake valve and an inlet valve, and can be connected to the pump pump at the same time.

 5. There are steam type and electric heating type, steam heating can be used, or electric heating tube can be selected for heating.

Laboratory retort machine technical parameters

(60L as an example) Specifications Model 65 Effective volume 65L Heating power 4.5kw Working pressure 0.23 MPa Liner size φ400×600 Basket size φ370×540 (1) Pot material 304 stainless steel Dimensions 550x550x1100

Experimental retort machine price

The price of the experimental sterilizer is about 10,000 yuan.

Large vertical retort machine


Vertical retort machine

COSCO Machinery produces larger sterilizing pots, such as scorpion sterilizing pots, etc. It is also a vertical sterilizing pot. Its output is larger, generally 900mm in diameter, 1.2m in height and 300-500kg in one treatment. It can be customized according to customer requirements. Mainly used in vacuum packaging, glass jars and other products that are not easy to be deformed by high temperature, such as snack food factory, meat processing factory, braised meat products store, dog food store and food research unit.


1. This equipment solves the problem of short shelf life after food processing. In particular, the storage period of the braised meat after vacuum packaging is not more than 7 days. After the high temperature sterilization of the equipment, no preservative is added, and the storage period can be as long as 3-6 months.

 2, the equipment is strictly in accordance with GB/T150-2011 pressure vessel design, the pot body is made of food grade 304 stainless steel material.

3, built-in electric heating tube heating, high heating efficiency, fast heating rate. Produce high-temperature steam sterilization, add back pressure to prevent the bag from rising when cooling.

 4, built-in stainless steel basket, hand wheel rotation, translation type open lid, screw structure seal. The operation is convenient and fast.

 5, the equipment has time control, temperature control, liquid level control, water shortage alarm, sterilization end beep prompt function, easy to use and reliable. .

 6. The top of the equipment is equipped with a safety valve to prevent pressure from being out of control and to quickly vent.


Large vertical retort machine price

The price of large vertical sterilizer varies according to size and size. The price is generally between 2 and 60,000 yuan.