Small automatic retort machine


Small automatic retort machine

The small automatic retort machine is based on the traditional retort machine, which reduces the size, increases the electric heating system, and realizes the dual use of electric steam. It eliminates the need to buy a boiler without heat source, and it is environmentally friendly and has serious troubles. It can be heated by 380V power supply. Small footprint and low investment.

samll electric heating
samll electric heating

Equipment principle:

The electric heating tube is used to heat the water, and the steam required for sterilization is provided. The equipment has a manually controlled manual version of the valve, and a semi-automatic version which is partially operated by a manual, and a fully automatic version of the computer automatic control.

retort accessories
retort accessories


Equipment application range:

It is suitable for high-temperature sterilization of small food factories with small investment and small output. Applicable to all kinds of high temperature packaging materials, metal containers, plastic containers, soft bags.

Small automatic retort machine features

1. Warm up quickly. A small amount of circulating water enters the sterilizer and is heated by a high-power electric heating tube. The package can be rapidly heated from 20 degrees to 121 degrees in 10-15 minutes.

2. The temperature inside the tank is stable and the heat distribution is uniform. The hot water sprinkler system is provided with a series of nozzles at each of the four corners of each tray in the processing tank, so that the atomized hot water is in full contact with the product, thereby ensuring uniform temperature at various points inside the device.

3. Save energy. The steam condensate recovery system directly recovers the condensed water generated by the heat exchanger during the heating process and serves as circulating water for sterilization, thereby reducing energy consumption.

4. Indirect heating and cooling to prevent secondary pollution. The circulating water is indirectly heated or cooled by the plate heat exchanger, and the circulating water in the retort machine is always in a sterile state when heated or cooled, and the sterilization is completed, and the water droplets on the inner surface of the pan and the surface of the packaging bag are not dried. Under the white scale, the whole package is transparent and clean, preventing secondary pollution.

5, perfect pressure control, suitable for sterilization of gas-containing packaging. The pressure balance system is essential for the sterilization of the inner gas package. Because the gas package requires accurate pressure balance and control during the heating, heat preservation and cooling stages, the control system can continuously monitor the temperature and pressure in the treatment tank, and The pressure in the tank is corrected so that it corresponds to the pressure in the package. Packages containing any percentage of filled air or gas, as well as packages sealed under vacuum, can be sterilized without damaging or deforming the package and contents.

6, perfect heating, cooling, suitable for fragile bottle sterilization. When the temperature rises, the circulating water is heated from the normal temperature through the heat exchanger. When the temperature is lowered, the circulating water is cooled from the real-time temperature through the heat exchanger to avoid the problem of the broken glass bottle due to the excessive temperature difference.

7, fully automatic control system. The entire sterilization process is controlled by a computer PLC, which is completed in one time and does not require manual operation. The chart panel is used for touch control with the screen, and all time periods are controlled by analog sensors and automatic valves. The pressure and temperature are digitally displayed, and various pressure and temperature modes for any product can be pre-programmed into a computer. 100 sterilization formulas can be stored in the computer for selection.

retort accessories
retort accessories

8, analog temperature control system, can set multi-stage heating mechanism. According to the requirements of different foods for sterilization conditions, different heating and cooling procedures can be set at any time. The multi-stage heating sterilization method can be used to minimize the heat of the food, and it is possible to preserve its color, fragrance and taste in a near perfect manner. . The sterilization temperature is accurate to 0.3 °C, which can avoid excessive cooking or incomplete sterilization.

9. Small footprint. The length is less than 2 meters per unit and it is easy to install.

10. Environmental protection. No need to buy a boiler, environmental protection and health.

mini retort machine
mini retort machine







JOOYAN sterilizer technical parameters:


Equipment model: ZY-700


Inner diameter of the pot: mm


Length of cylinder: 1200mm


Total volume: 0.6m3


Dimensions: mm


Total equipment power: 27Kw


Design temperature: 145.C


Working temperature: 121 ° C


Test pot pressure: 0.44MPa


Design pressure: 0.35 MPa


Working pressure: 0.25 MPa


Main pressure component material: SBOx28/k345R


Total Weight:




Equipment model: ZY-900


Inner diameter of the pot: 900 mm


Length of cylinder: 1800mm


Total volume: 1.4m3


Dimensions: mm


Total equipment power: 54Kw


Design temperature: 145.C


Working temperature: 121 ° C


Test pot pressure: 0.44MPa


Design pressure: 0.35 MPa


Working pressure: 0.25 MPa


Main pressure component material: SBOx28/k345R


Machine weight: 300Kg








Equipment model: ZY-1000


Inner diameter of the pot: mm


Length of cylinder: 2200mm


Total volume: 2m3


Dimensions: mm


Total equipment power: 72Kw


Design temperature: 145.C


Working temperature: 121 ° C


Test pot pressure: 0.44MPa


Design pressure: 0.35 MPa


Working pressure: 0.25 MPa


Main pressure component material: SBOx28/k345R








Product technical requirements:


1. The sterilizer is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate, stainless steel insulation layer, filled with high temperature cotton, and the total thickness is about 30 mm.


2. Distribution of 2 external carbon steel trolleys.


3. There are 8 stainless steel plates and 2 trays in the pot.


4. Install 1 set: safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, 1 set of glass tube cock, 1 silicone seal.


5. Sterilization method: shower, water bath, steam killing and other functions.




Use of small retort machines:


1. Turn on the pressure vessel power switch and motor (air source) switch first, and then open the valve between the pressure vessel and the tank when the pressure of the pressure vessel reaches 0.8Mpa or more.


2. Turn on the power control box and turn on the power switch (first turn the upper power switch all the way up, then press the button to open the black box in the lower left corner, and turn it off in the reverse order when closing).


3. When the power is turned on, press the SET button to enter the parameter setting interface and set the control panel parameters.


1) First, set the parameters such as conversion time, recovery time, temperature up and down skew, etc. according to the parameters attached in the upper right corner.


2) Set the upper tank parameters: heating temperature 90 ° C, set temperature 95 ° C, set pressure 0.12Mpa.


3) Set the cans parameters:


Sterilization 1: temperature 100 ° C, pressure 0.12Mpa, time 100s; sterilization 2: temperature 110 ° C, pressure 0.12Mpa, time 3000s.


Cooling one: pressure 0.10Mpa, time 1200s (full tank 144 listening for about 30min, that is, cooling time is generally 1200-1800s);


Cooling 2: Pressure 0.04Mpa, time 800-600s (can also be set, depending on the amount, can be set properly to ensure thorough cooling).


4. After setting, press the ready button to start heating. After the whistle is heated (the alarm light is on), press the stop button.


5. Turn the manual automatic knob to the middle position, open the door into the product, close the door and turn the key to the off.


6. Turn the manual automatic knob to the automatic position and close the valve at the lower left side of the tank near the door of the retort machine and open the valve switch.


7. Press the Ready button again. When the alarm light is on again, press Stop, then press Start to start sterilizing the product.


8. When the alarm is on, when the alarm light is on, press the flute and observe that there is no liquid level in the lower tank, first close the valve switch and then open the exhaust valve.


9. Open the door and remove the product.


1) Check the various air pipes such as intake air and exhaust before use to ensure that each pipe does not leak;


2) Observe at any time during use to prevent the hose from sticking to the tank and melting it at high temperature;


3) The iron is generally set according to 110 ° C, 50 min constant temperature sterilization, a pot of 5 kg can extinguish 144, 10 kg of the specification can kill 72.


4) It is required that the time from the initial temperature rise to 110 °C should not exceed 30 minutes (note that it should be noted when setting), and the temperature of the lower tank of the control panel and the temperature of the thermometer on the tank should be recorded every 5 minutes during the sterilization process (to fill in Processing report), the deviation between the two can not be too large.


5) It starts to heat up to about 80 °C, and the inside of the pot will be normal. The automatic manual knob should be locked in the middle position when stocking and shipping.


6) The water in the tank can be measured by the displacement, and then the door can be opened for picking up.


The retort machine can be safely used according to the correct operation procedure.










Small automatic retort machine use precautions:


1 The retort machine should be operated by qualified personnel, and the entire sterilization process should be supervised by a person.


2 Can not rely entirely on automatic water level protection, should always pay attention to the water level, so as not to burn the electric heating tube.


3 When adding water manually. The power should be cut off first, the vent valve 3 should be opened to relieve pressure, and then the inlet valve should be opened to add water. Never open the inlet valve when there is pressure on the interlayer. The vent valve should be open when adding water.


4 When there is pressure in the sterilization chamber, the interlock handle cannot be lifted, and the door cannot be forcibly opened.


5 Slowly release steam after sterilizing the liquid. The door can only be opened when the liquid temperature drops below 70 °C. Open the door immediately after sterilization.


6 If there is a power failure or other reasons below the sterilization temperature during the sterilization process, the timing should be restarted when the temperature reaches the sterilization temperature again.


7 Pull the safety valve handle several times a week while there is pressure on the mezzanine to ensure that the safety valve is working properly.


8 After the daily shift, remove the storage pot of the sterilizer and dry it with a cloth to keep the sterilizing room dry.


9 After the daily shift, drain the water in the steam generator to reduce the scale.


10. The equipment should not be exposed during operation. When it is necessary to open, it must be equipped with a protective frame to prevent rain.


11. The appearance of the retort machine and the sterilization chamber should be kept clean and dry;


12. The probe and water level gauge should be cleaned regularly;


13. The door frame and rubber ring are not damaged, and the inlet port should not be blocked. It is best to apply talcum powder to the strip after use every day. To extend the life of the strip;


14. The interlocking device of the door should be flexible and reliable, and can be opened freely; the E trap is cleaned once a month to facilitate the cooling of air and maintain the temperature.


15. Usually after using the sterilizer for one year, the qualified inspection department should be inspected once a year for a comprehensive system inspection. Including: cylinders, doors, piping systems, electrical systems, etc. Safety valves, thermometers, and pressure gauges should be regularly calibrated to ensure the safety and proper use of the equipment.


16. If the retort machine is parked for a long time, the retort machine should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and it should not be exposed to rain. If necessary, there should be cover. The water in the steam generator should be drained and the door should be open and the chamber should be kept clean and dry.


17. Indicating the thermometer The temperature of the mercury thermometer on the sterilizer is strictly checked by the authoritative department. The minimum scale is 0.5 °C, the scale is not more than 4 °C per cm. The scale is clear and the mercury column is not segmented. It is required to inspect the thermometer at least once a year.


18. Temperature and time automatic recorder The recorder should be in the same time as the proofreading time during normal sterilization; the temperature should be basically the same as the mercury thermometer on the retort machine, and should never be higher than the mercury thermometer.


19. Pressure gauge A pressure gauge with a diameter of not less than 102 mm should be installed on the retort machine. It must be strictly checked before installation, and it should be calibrated once a year. The sterilization steam pressure should be kept at 0.2Mpa.


20. Air compressor The air compressor for sterilization and back pressure is installed with air degreasing and water removal system as required. Other mechanical greases are prohibited from contaminating food and affecting product quality. The volume of the gas storage tank is more than 2m2, and the air pressure is maintained at 0.7~0.8Mpa.


21. To avoid microbial growth, the time between canning and sealing can not exceed 1 h.


22. Before sterilization, the sterilization operator shall check whether the initial temperature of the can is in accordance with the minimum temperature of the sterilization process. If it meets the requirements, it will be sterilized normally; otherwise, if it does not meet the requirements, the can is first heated to the specified minimum temperature, and then preheated for 5 minutes before sterilization.