Automatic rotary retort

Automatic rotary retort

Automatic eight-treasure porridge / jam / milk-containing beverage / rotary sterilizer (sterilization kettle)

Rotary retort machines are divided into two categories: steam sterilization and hot water sterilization. It is suitable for secondary sterilization equipment for bottled and canned foods. It consists of automatic control system consisting of process tank, hot water tank, pump and connecting pipe, PLC and touch screen. It is used for sterilization of various beverages and foods, and is especially suitable for products with high viscosity and large capacity. For example: sterilization of eight-treasure porridge, meat sauce, canned meat, canned fish, rice drinks and other products.

Equipment brief

The hot water rotary sterilizing pot uses high temperature and high pressure hot water for rapid sterilization of various foods. The food is continuously and slowly rotated in the device, which makes the transmission more rapid and uniform, greatly shortening the time of the whole sterilization process, thereby achieving high temperature short-time sterilization. deal with. At the same time, it can avoid overheating around the food. The temperature control system can be flexibly controlled according to the characteristics of different packaging materials. The pressure control system automatically adjusts the pressure according to the standard mode. According to different situations, the back pressure correction is carried out, which is beneficial to prevent deformation and damage of the container and improve the yield. . Production and quality management can be effectively performed by analyzing the T-t and P-t recording curves.

Applicable scope of equipment: cans, plastic bottles, retort bags, etc.

Equipment advantage

This device has the following advantages:

1. The equipment digests and absorbs the advanced technology of the most advanced autoclave in foreign countries, and is developed in combination with China's national conditions. It has the advantages of high technology starting point, advanced technology, stable product and good practicability.

2. The main components are made of stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene, has strong corrosion resistance and long service life. The equipment is qualified by the labor safety inspection and the protection device is safe and reliable.

3, good sterilization effect. During the heat sterilization of food, the microorganisms in the food will have different changes, some may be destroyed, and some may be destroyed, which is a bad phenomenon. At the same time, the quality of the food itself, the nutritional composition and the shape of the packaging will also change, which is a bad phenomenon. The main purpose of food heat sterilization is to kill pathogenic bacteria and toxin-producing bacteria, so that the food itself should only be minimally affected. The high-temperature short-time sterilization method can fully achieve the above purpose.

4. Using steam as heating medium and hot water as sterilization medium, the sterilization process is more uniform and short-term.

5, the heating time is short, the continuous rotation of the cargo trolley in the tank accelerates the heat conduction speed and shortens the heating time.

6. Heat and cool evenly. Whether it is a heating process or a cooling process, the highest requirement is that there is no unevenness in the process tank, that is, uniform heating or cooling is required.

7, using Siemens PLC, program automatic control.

In the control aspect, this set of equipment uses a programmable controller to implement automatic control of the entire program.

1 Temperature control: After setting the value, the temperature display error is ±0.5 °C, which can ensure uniform heating.

2 Pressure control: After setting the value, the pressure display error is ±0.01kg/cm, which is very beneficial for preventing deformation and damage of the package with poor food quality.

3 Liquid level control: The hot water tank in this set of equipment is equipped with three electrode rods, and the process tank is equipped with two electrode rods. It controls the level of liquid in the container. When the water reaches the predetermined level, it can automatically stop or shut down the pump and send a signal or transfer to the next program.

4 Engineering: During the heat sterilization and cooling process, there are predetermined values for the time. It is executed by a time controller, and the temperature and pressure of the water in the tank are controlled by external components such as steam, compressed air and time controller. Therefore, there will be no errors. Therefore, according to the different needs of different products, as long as the time, temperature and pressure required for the project are set, the data is directly input using the corresponding digital input screen on the touch screen.

8, alarm bell alarm, this set of equipment can ring in three cases.

1 When the water in the hot water tank reaches the highest water level, the bell is notified and connected to the inside in time. The drain valve automatically opens the drain. After the fault is eliminated, the automatic operation of the machine is resumed.

2 After the preparation phase is completed, the ringtone notification operator can transfer to the next step.

3 All sterilization procedures are finished, the ringtone is notified, and the corresponding electrical switch is manually driven to make the stop lever exit the working state and open the tank door to unload.

9. Power failure protection, when the equipment suddenly runs out of power, it can also ensure that the machine is in a safe state. After the call, the electrical switch can be manually driven to keep the device running until the program ends.

10, a wide range of use, adaptability, because the temperature or pressure adjustment range of the control components are relatively large, so this set of equipment can be used for the sterilization of a variety of products. In addition, all programs can be controlled not only automatically, but also manually, that is, manually driving electrical switches, controlling valves, and inputting and withdrawing motors, and testing single-piece operations.

11. Operation and action indicate that the state of the device is displayed by the indicator light on the touch screen, and the running program of the device is represented by the corresponding screen of the touch screen, so that the principle of the process flow can be seen at a glance.

12. Special safety devices. The opening of the tank door, the rotation of the device, the injection and discharge of water, the control of the temperature, pressure and liquid level of the container are all considered safely. In an unsafe state, the equipment cannot be operated.

13. Saving energy, this set of equipment has:

1 Cooling water recycling and reuse function.

2 The high-temperature hot water that has been sterilized can be pumped back to the hot water tank for reuse. Compared with steam-type sterilization tanks, this equipment can save 50% steam in one cycle.


1. Convert water flow direction: uniform temperature, no dead ends

The circulating water in the sterilizing pot is eight points of up, down, left and right, and the even conversion ensures the heat distribution in the sterilizing pot from temperature rise, sterilization, cooling, cooling and uniformity at every point in the pot, which is the most ideal. Sterilization effect.

2. Fast heating rate and short sterilization time

This machine adopts double-tank hot water circulation, which can warm the hot water tank to the required temperature before sterilization in the retort machine, thus shortening the sterilization time. The working medium in the sterilization process can be recycled, which saves energy, time and manpower and material consumption, and reduces production costs.

3. High sterilization accuracy

This machine adopts the most advanced technology and the most advanced Japanese computer components. It uses the hot water circulation in the pot to sterilize and sterilize. During the working process, the temperature and pressure in the pot, sterilization time, steam inlet, drainage, and advance The water, drainage and other processes are all controlled by computer automation, and the accuracy in the pot is about 0.3 degrees. Ensure that the color, taste and nutrients of the product remain unchanged and maintain the original flavor.

4. Computer automatic control system

• Adopt the world's most advanced Japanese Mitsubishi Q-type PLC.

• Use a large screen 970 touch screen.

• The temperature rises with an automatically adjusted temperature control valve.

• The temperature pressure display uses an electronic transmitter.

• Instantly print and store graphs of time, temperature and pressure.

• All valve switches are controlled by computer programs.

• Fully computerized automation without manual intervention.

5. retort machine can be set to single-stage multiple stage sterilization

According to the different products of the user, multiple temperature-increasing sterilization stages can be set, and multiple cooling stages can also be set. The bi-peak sterilization is used to minimize the heat received by the product, so that each product is sterilized under reasonable conditions. .

6. Function to measure F value

According to different user requirements, the calculation function of configurable measurement F value is installed on the retort machine. All sterilization data, including sterilization conditions, F value time-temperature curve, time-pressure curve, etc. can pass the data. The processing software is saved and printed after processing to facilitate future production management.

7. Storage sterilization formula

Store hundreds of sterilization formulas according to different product settings.