Horizontal Retort


Horizontal Retort

The retort machine can be divided into a vertical retort machine and a horizontal retort machine according to the way of sterilizing pot placement. The horizontal retort is a kind of retort machine which is convenient to operate than the vertical type retort machine, has large output and diversified sterilization forms, and is deeply loved by food enterprises.


Horizontal retort principle

Install the hinge on the pot door and install the sealing ring on the pot to achieve the sealing purpose. The food is placed in a sterilizing pot, and hot water or hot air is put into the sterilizing pot for sterilization. After killing the bacteria, cool down, drain the cold water, open the pot door, and pull out the sterilized food.



Horizontal retort


Horizontal retort structure diagram


Horizontal retort structure diagram


Horizontal retort classification

There are many types of retort machine.

The common types are:

1. Manual small retort machine, This is a small food high temperature  with a volume oretort f 0.3-2 cubic meters, manual operation and low price.


retort machine cylinder interior


2. Semi-automatic small retort machine This is a small electric heating retort machine, which can be used for electric steam. It does not need to be installed with boilers. It is fully automatic computer control for heating and heat preservation, and manual control is used for cooling. This semi-automatic small electric steam dual purpose sterilizer is currently available as a model. 3. Full-automatic small sterilizing pot This kind of retort machine, heating, heat preservation and sterilization, cooling operation and automatic computer operation, solves the inaccurate operation of artificial cooling, the pressure temperature is not suitable, causing the broken bag to rise after the sterilized food is discharged. The bag bulge phenomenon (recovery after cooling, the tinplate has a sharp angle), the product produced is more beautiful in appearance.


Small semi-automatic retort machine


4. Large-scale retort machine Large-scale retort machine, which is controlled by computer, is a fully automatic sterilization pot. Each tank has a volume of 2-6 cubic meters, and the sterilization volume is large and the speed is fast, which is suitable for large and medium-sized food enterprises.


Multi-pot parallel retort machine