Corn retort machine

Corn retort machine

Overview of corn retort machine

High temperature sterilization is more and more widely used in the production and processing of various food industries, and has become a common technology for sterilization in the food industry. Corn sterilization requirements are stricter than other foods. The sterilization process requires faster heating and faster cooling (otherwise corn is prone to discoloration). The corn retort is kept fresh for two hours after picking. Quick-frozen corn is frozen in a steam sterilizer and vacuum-packed. It must be sterilized in a water bath. The spray pipe in the corn retort machine is not sprayed directly onto the product but with a spray partition to ensure that the corn is evenly heated. When placed in a corn sterilizer, it should be a row in a row.



Corn retort machine

Corn retort machine process

Raw material harvesting – peeling – soaking – cleaning – blanching – cooling – vibrating and draining – air drying – packaging – sterilization – air drying and water removal – quick freezing processing of corn sterilizing line corn cobs The pre-process of vacuum packaging processing with corn cob is basically the same, the difference is that the former uses dry steaming, while the latter uses blanching; the former center temperature is frozen to -18, and then stored in cold storage, while the latter can be directly stored and transported at room temperature after packaging.

Selection of corn retort machine model

The choice of corn retort machine retort machine is very important. It is necessary to select the style, model and sterilization method according to the customer's actual situation. The high temperature sterilization has the following two characteristics: 1. One-time: high temperature sterilization work must be completed in one time from the beginning to the end. Intermittently, food can not be repeatedly sterilized. 2. Abstraction of bactericidal effect: The sterilized food can not be detected by the naked eye, and the bacterial culture test also takes one week, so it is impossible to detect the bactericidal effect of each sterilized batch of food. Based on the above characteristics, this requires manufacturers: 1. First, we must do a good job of the uniformity of the whole food processing chain, to ensure that the initial amount of bacteria in each bag of food before bagging is equal, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the established sterilization formula. . 2. The second requires a sterilizing equipment with stable performance and precise temperature control. The sterilizing formula is executed without failure and with minimal error to ensure the standardization and uniformity of the bactericidal effect.


Double-layer water bath corn retort machine

Advantages of zhengyuan corn retort machine

The corn sterilizing pot produced by zhengyuan Machinery is characterized by full-water immersion sterilization, strong water penetration and complete sterilization. It is a good choice for large packaging products. 1. The water soaked in food is flowed at high speed by the external circulation pump, and the direction of the water flow is regularly adjusted in the sterilization chamber to promote the continuous flow of water in each sterilization room, thereby ensuring the temperature of each point in the sterilization chamber. Highly consistent to ensure the sterilization of each food. 2. The sterilizing water heated in the hot water tank in advance is quickly placed in the sterilization room to release a large amount of heat to the food, so that the food is rapidly heated and cooled. When the temperature is lowered, the cold water from the outside directly enters the sterilization room and comes into contact with food, which quickly cools down. 3. After each sterilization, the high-temperature water is recycled to the hot water tank with heat preservation, the heat is not lost, saves a lot of heat, and prepares for the next sterilization, saving time. 4, the use of the world's more advanced high-efficiency circulating water pump, can play a greater role with very little power. 5, safe, stable, reliable, and freely adjusted process back pressure control to ensure that the package is not deformed. 6, zhengyuan corn retort machine has a large multi-can retort machine, there are small food high-temperature retort machine, the production of small electric heating retort machine, can handle 1 cubic meter each time, this small retort machine price semi-automatic retort machine 40,000 yuan, all The price of automatic corn retort machine is around 60,000. 7. zhengyuan corn sterilizing pot can not only sterilize corn, but also sterilize scorpion, roast chicken, beef, etc., and has a wide range of uses.

zhengyuan mechanical corn retort machine after-sales service

The company promises that the sterilizer sold will be tested before shipment, and will be shipped to the customer after the test is passed, to ensure that the customer can use the machine when it receives the machine. Provide a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services such as installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical consultation, etc., to solve the customer's support for spare parts in the repair process with thoughtful, meticulous and timely speed. All products sold are free to repair and replace parts within one year.


zhengyuan Machinery not only produces small food high-temperature retort machines, but also produces large-scale retort machines, large-volume corn producers, and chooses such large-scale corn retort machines.


Large three-pot series water bath type automatic corn high temperature retort machine