​ Water immersion retort

Water immersion retort

retort machine classification

According to the sterilization method, the retort machine can be divided into a Water immersion retort, a spray type retort machine, a steam retort machine, and a rotary type retort machine. The Water immersion retort is a retort machine with simple operation and wide application.

water immerision retort principle

By directly injecting steam, the water in the hot water tank is heated to a predetermined temperature, and then enters the process tank, while the process water in the pot is continuously circulated and sterilized by circulating heat. The cooling process is carried out by mixing cold water into the process tank and mixing it with hot water, then cooling the hot water back to the hot water tank.


Water immersion retort application range

   It is widely used in tinplate cans, aluminum cans, aluminum foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum bags, high temperature cooking bags, especially suitable for large-volume large-package meat products such as roast chicken. This type of sterilization is not recommended for PP bottles, PP cans, glass bottles, etc.


Water immersion retort equipment features

  1. The product is prevented from coming into contact with the air during the whole process. There is no air cooling group in the pot, and the optimized circulating water system ensures uniform heat distribution in the kettle. Uniform water exchange mode, uniform temperature, no dead ends.

2. Smooth, gentle but fast cooling avoids thermal shock and cooking odors.

3. Low noise, creating a quiet, comfortable working environment.

4. The hot water is stored in the upper tank, and the product is heated very quickly, and the temperature is sterilized for a short time. .

5. Water soaking products are produced throughout the production process, resulting in buoyancy, which greatly reduces the damage of packaging materials.

6. It is completely immersed in water, with high sterilization accuracy and temperature can penetrate into the product from all directions.

7. Hot water can be reused, reducing energy consumption and saving energy.

8. With the analog temperature control system, a multi-stage heating mechanism can be set to reduce the rise of the bag.

9. Multiple sterilization formulas can be stored in the computer to adapt to the sterilization of many varieties.


Water immersion retort components

Pot body: including pot body, lid, swivel, track, seal ring, roller, locking wedge, steam, nozzle, cooling water pipe and gate valve.

Control system: PLC controller, touch screen, control cabinet

Accessories: pallets, pallet trucks, trolleys, circulation pumps, pumps, pipeline valves

Water immersion retort model

The Water immersion retort is a retort machine that was invented and produced in the early days. It has many types. There are single tank horizontal Water immersion retort, double pot parallel Water immersion retort, double Water immersion retort, three pots series Water immersion retort, multi pot parallel Water immersion retort.

The following is a picture of a water bath type sterilizer produced by JOOYAN Machinery:



Water immersion retort parameters

(Take JOOYAN Machinery's best-selling model 1200 as an example for reference):

Equipment model: 1200

Inner diameter of the pot: 1200mm

Cylinder length: 3600 mm

Total volume: 4.6 m3

Dimensions: mm

Total equipment power: Kw

Design temperature: 145.C

Working temperature: 121 ° C

Test pot pressure: 0.44MPa

Design pressure: 0.35 MPa

Working pressure: 0.25 MPa

Executive standard: GB150-2011

Main pressure component material: SBOx28/k345R

Water immersion retort operating procedures


1. Close the lid, close the deflation valve, open the lid to seal the valve, and seal the lid.

2. Turn on the power switch and the air compressor motor switch.

3. Open the cold water inlet valve, open the upper water pipe venting valve, open the small pump switch, and put the water level to about 1/3 of the sterilizer pot water level gauge.

 4. Turn on the sterilization switch, set the sterilization temperature, and heat the hot water in the retort machine to about 100 degrees in advance. During the heating process, when the water is heated to about 80 degrees, open the vertical pipe valve, then open the water inlet valve on the back of the retort machine, and find the water pump to cycle, so that the heating will be faster. (Do not open the pipe vent switch when the water circulation is heated.)

5. When the water is heated to about 100 degrees, turn off the sterilization switch, then close the retort machine and then close the water pump motor. Open the vertical pipe valve, and then open the parallel valve below to allow the hot water to be pressed back into the hot water tank. Release the remaining water and air in the sterilizer, close the valve of the sterilizing pot lid, open the venting valve of the sterilizing pot cover, and open the sterilizing pot lid. Load food and start sterilization

6. After the sterilization is completed, the alarm flashes, first turn off the sterilization switch, close the upper inlet valve, close the water pump, and turn the hot water in the retort machine back to the lower hot water pump by the standing pipeline valve. Cold water cooling

7. After all the hot water is pressed back into the hot water tank, open the cold water tank valve, and then open the pipeline venting valve to open the water pump switch. When the water pressure is reached, close the deflation valve 2/3, and then open the upper inlet valve. Inject cold water into the pot to cool down (Note: When the temperature is lowered, the water supply valve can't be opened too much too fast, so slowly open it, open it a little at a time, wait for the mercury thermometer to show that the temperature is around 6 degrees and open the valve). Fill the water level with more than half of the pot, let the cold water chill the food into the cold water, and let it reach the normal temperature to ensure the base shelf life is long, and cool for about 10 minutes.

 8. After the cooling is completed, open the valve standing on the pipeline, and then open the cold water inlet valve, and the main air will press the water back into the cold water tank. Let go of the air and residual water in the sterilizer, turn off the air switch, open the manual deflation valve on the sterilizer, close the inlet valve of the sterilizer lid seal, and open the deflation valve. Sterilization is complete! ! !


Water immersion retort safety operation procedures

1. The operator who uses the Water immersion retort should pass the training and examination, and should strictly abide by the safety operation rules and post responsibility system; if abnormal phenomena are found, they should be dealt with in time. The water bath type sterilizing pot should be inspected regularly, and at least one external inspection should be carried out every six months. At least one comprehensive inspection should be carried out every year. The preparation work and inspection items before the inspection are carried out in accordance with the “Procedures” and relevant regulations, and the inspection reports are filed and filed.

2. This Water immersion retort is strictly prohibited to run beyond the design pressure and temperature.

3, Water immersion retort is equipped with pressure gauges, thermometers, safety valves and other accessories, to be sensitive, reliable, safe and complete. Maintenance and periodic calibration should be added during use. The safety valve starting pressure of the Water immersion retort is equal to the design pressure, and should be sensitive and reliable, and should be prevented from being adjusted at will. The accuracy of the pressure gauge and thermometer are all 1.5, and the difference within the tolerance is normal. The lead-free seal pressure gauge shall not be used, the pressure gauge indicates failure, the scale is unclear, the dial is broken, the pointer does not return to zero after the pressure is released, and the seal seal damage shall be replaced immediately. The thermometer should be inspected regularly. It should be calibrated with a standard thermometer before use. It should be verified once a year. If the mercury column breaks and the difference from the standard temperature exceeds 0.5 °C, it should be repaired or replaced.

4. The operator who uses the Water immersion retort should pass the training and examination, and should strictly abide by the safety operation rules and post responsibility system; if abnormal phenomena are found, they should be dealt with in time.

5. When deactivated, the inner and outer surfaces of the water bath type sterilizer and lid should be cleaned. The exposed surface brush is anti-rust paint, and the safety inspection control instrument is protected by a cover.

6. If the sealing ring on the flange surface of the Water immersion retort body is aging, if the wear and the defect are too large, it should be replaced in time to ensure the seal and prevent leakage.

7. During the use process, grease and oil should be applied to the sliding and rolling contact parts of the inclined self-locking wedges, pot ears, rollers, swivel flanges, etc. to ensure that the friction surface is in a lubrication state.

water immerision retort video