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Retort  Temperature and Time


Retort  Temperature and Time

Food sterilization temperature time is the most important parameter for customers. By controlling these two parameters, the shelf life of food and the taste of food can be guaranteed. In the long-term sales and use of retort machines, JOOYAN Machinery has summarized the sterilization temperature commonly used in food industry common foods for enterprise reference.

IF the shelf life is short, the sterilization temperature and sterilization can be increased, if  the  taste low  can reduce the sterilization temperature and sterilization time. Each enterprise adjusts the two sterilization process parameters according to the taste style of the product.


Sterilized food—sterilization temperature (degrees)—-sterilization time (minutes)

Whole chicken ——-120-121℃——25-30´

Chicken feet ——-110-115℃——5-10´

Egg ——-115-118℃——15´

Chicken neck ——-110-115℃——5-10´

Chicken wings ——-110-115℃——5-10´

Ham ——-90–95℃——-5-10´



Trotter ——-120-123-℃—–25-30´

clam meat——100-110℃——5-10´


Meat Pieces—–100-110℃——5-10´

Soy milk—–110-121℃——25-30´

Liquid bottle—-118-121℃——20-40´

Eight-treasure porridge—–110-121℃——30-60´


Barbecue ——95–100℃——5-10´


Of course, if you want to sterilize high-quality products, it is not enough to control these two sterilization process parameters. It is necessary to control the temperature rise and fall, and adjust the pressure inside the retort machine.


The fully automatic sterilizing pot produced by JOOYAN can store 100 sets of process parameters and adopt computer automatic control operation, so that the sterilized products have a good shelf life and good taste, and the quality of the taste between batches is uniform.

If you do not have the sterilization  retort temperature and time you need, please contact us.


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