Retort Machine Sterilization Effect Detection


Retort Machine Sterilization Effect Detection


1. the purpose of testing
In order to check the sterilization effect of the sterilization pot, keep it in good working condition, so as to ensure the shelf life of the food.

2. the conditions of testing
Environmental conditions: temperature 5~40 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 85%, atmospheric pressure 70 kPa ~ 106 kPa.
The working pressure of the sterilization pot is 0.25 MPa.

3. the frequency of detection
When using frequently, once every quarter, when the instrument is used infrequently, the frequency of verification can be appropriately reduced.

4.Verification projects and verification methods
(1). Appearance check:
The appearance is intact; the nameplate, model, manufacturer’s name (or factory standard), factory number, and circuit system are marked on the nameplate.
(2). Verification method,
There are two ways to do this. You can choose one of them when testing, or both:
Method A:
Using a pressure steam sterilization chemical indicator card, the indicator card is printed with one end of the indicator and placed in the middle of the package; according to the routine of sterilization operation, preheating and completely removing the air, when the temperature in the pot reaches 121 ° C, Keep it for more than 20 minutes (the sterilization time required for different items, please follow the relevant regulations). After the sterilization is completed, the indicator card will be taken out to observe the color change. In the temperature range of (121 ± 2) °C, the indicator card is above the standard black, indicating that the sterilization condition is met; below the standard black, it indicates that the sterilization condition is not met.

Steam sterilization chemical indicator card
Steam sterilization chemical indicator card

Method B:
The standard strain control method was used for verification, and the apparatus or medium to be tested was subjected to microbial detection. After appropriate amount of sterilized medium, a number of blanks and a number of inoculated strains were determined, and the culture was determined to determine whether the medium reached the sterility requirement by the control, and the sterilizer was proved to have a sterilization effect.

Microbial culture
Microbial culture

5. Test results
Judging the test results and obtaining the conclusion that the sterilizer is operating normally. Feedback to the device management department and assist in finding the cause of the failure.