​retort machine operation instructions

retort machine operation instructions

The retort machine is a high-temperature and high-pressure container. If it is used improperly, it will cause certain dangers. In order to better serve the users of jooyan Sterilizer, special instructions for the operation of the retort machine are provided for the manufacturer of the retort machine.

The retort machine should be observed in use:

1. The user shall implement the regulations on the use and management of the “Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Fixed Pressure Vessels” of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of TSG0004-2011 and related container safety regulations.

2. The user shall formulate the safe operation rules of the retort machine according to the sterilization conditions of the production process of the unit and the technical performance of the retort machine, and strictly implement the safety operation procedures, which shall at least include: (1) The operating process index and the highest working pressure of the retort machine , maximum operating temperature; minimum working pressure and minimum operating temperature. (2), operation methods and procedures and precautions for the retort machine. (3) In the production operation, it is important to check the items and parts, as well as the abnormal phenomena and preventive measures that may occur during the operation. (4) Sealing and maintenance methods when the equipment is deactivated.

3. This equipment is strictly prohibited to exceed the design pressure and exceed the design temperature for use.

4. The operator who uses the sterilizing pot should pass the training and test. The safety operation rules and post responsibility system should be strictly observed, and the safety accessories should be kept complete, sensitive and reliable, and abnormal phenomena should be dealt with promptly.

5. The retort machine is equipped with safety accessories such as safety valve, pressure gauge and thermometer. During the use process, the maintenance and regular calibration should be strengthened. The safety valve of this equipment should be kept sensitive and reliable, and prevent random adjustment. Its accuracy is half a year. Once the test is inspected, the pressure gauge indicates failure, the scale is unclear, the dial is broken, the pointer does not return to the original position after the pressure is released, and the seal is damaged. It should be replaced immediately, sent for repair or changed.

 6. The sterilizing pot should be inspected regularly. At least one external inspection should be carried out every month. At least one internal inspection should be conducted every six months. At least one comprehensive inspection should be carried out every year. The preparations and inspection items before the inspection are in accordance with the “Procedures” and relevant regulations. Conduct, inspection report archived.

 7. During the use process, the lubricating powder should be applied to the sliding and rolling contact parts of the lock block and the conversion flange to ensure that the friction surface is in the lubrication state.

 8. When the sealing ring on the flange surface of the tank body is too large due to aging, defect and friction, it should be replaced in time to ensure sealing and prevent leakage.

9, can not rely entirely on automatic water level protection, should always pay attention to the water level, especially the electric heating sterilization kettle, should be strictly careful to avoid accidents caused by burning electric heating pipe. 10. When the equipment is in normal operation (pressure in the sterilization kettle), the safety interlock handle cannot be lifted, and the door cannot be forcibly opened.

11. When the equipment is deactivated, the inner and outer surfaces of the retort machine and the lid should be cleaned, blown dry, and the safety inspection and control instrument should be protected by the cover peak to prolong the service life of the retort machine.

12. This equipment can only be used within the specified working pressure range. It is absolutely not allowed to use overpressure, otherwise the consequences will be borne by the user.

 13. It should not be exposed when the equipment is running. If it must be exposed, it must be built to prevent rain.

 14. When the user purchases this equipment, he must keep the “National Pressure Supervision Certificate and Completion Drawing” of the State Local Technical Supervision Bureau for the relevant departments to check.



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