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Application of high temperature and high pressure autoclave in the harmless treatment of dead animals

One. At present, the treatment methods for dead animals in China mainly include landfill method, incineration method, fermentation method and chemical production method.

1. Buried method is a method of putting animal carcasses and related animal products into a corpse or a buried pit and covering the lime soil to spray the medicine. The burial method requires a large site, the treatment is not thorough, and it causes terrible damage to the future environment, and the cost is not low.

2. Incineration method refers to the method of burning and destroying animal carcasses and related animal products in an incineration container. The incineration method is easy to cause secondary pollution to the air, and the treatment is not thorough, which has a bad influence on the surrounding environment.

3. Fermentation method refers to placing animal carcasses and related animal products with rice bran, sawdust and other auxiliary materials as required, using bioheat produced by animal carcasses and related animal products or adding specific biological agents to ferment or decompose animal carcasses and related animal products. Methods. The fermentation method is one-time investment, complete treatment, but the actual operation control is complicated, the treatment cycle is long, and the management requirements are high.

4. The chemical production method refers to a method for treating animal carcasses and related animal products under the action of dry heat, pressure or high temperature and pressure in a closed high-pressure container by passing high-temperature saturated steam to the container interlayer or container. The device is simple, easy to operate, and easy to manage, and is a commonly used processing method.The chemical conversion method is a method for treating sick and dead animals that meets the requirements of harmless treatment now. It can kill bacteria, produce meat and bone meal, and oil.

two. Principle of chemical lawThe principle of chemical production method is that after the animal is crushed, it enters the chemical cooking kettle, and is sterilized by high temperature and high pressure (140 ° C, 0.3 Mpa, half an hour, European and American sterilization standard), and then subjected to vacuum drying to obtain a sterile semi-finished material with a water content of 10%. Contains 30% oil. The semi-finished material is degreased by degreasing machine, the oil content is reduced to 10% (feed standard), and the meat and bone meal and animal hair oil are obtained. The meat and bone meal is cooled, crushed, packaged and stored, and the finished product is obtained; the oil is further separated and purified to obtain animal fat. . The odor generated during the production process is condensed and condensed, chemically neutralized, and further burned and discharged to achieve the purpose of deodorization.

three. Introduction of high-temperature and high-pressure autoclave for main equipment of chemical production method (taking JOOYAN mechanized autoclave as an example).


(I). Features of JOOYAN Mechanized Kettle Equipment:

1. In line with the national GB150-2011 standard, in line with the national requirements for the treatment of dead animals.

2. Using high-pressure steam as the heating source, the diseased animals are completely sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

3. All stainless steel, the equipment is easy to operate and easy to use.

4. After the treatment, the residue of sick and dead animals is automatically discharged, and the processed meat and bones can be used for secondary industrial use, which increases economic benefits.

5. The device is equipped with a self-locking device to prevent accidental opening and ensure the safety of the operator.

(two). JOOYAN mechanized kettle operating procedures

1. Open the pot door, put the animal body into the pot, close the pot door and close the self-locking.

2. Open the gasket inflatable switch to inflate the gasket and seal the pot door tightly.

3. Turn on the steam switch and inject high pressure steam into the pot until the desired temperature and pressure are reached in the pot. The general center temperature is 170 degrees and the time is 4 hours.

4. Processing temperature and time are different according to the variety and quantity of treatment, generally 170-190 degrees, 3-4 hours.

5. After the chemical system is completed, drain the pressure in the pot, open the drain valve, and drain the grease and residue.

6. Close the pot door gasket inflator switch, open the self-locking device, open the pot door, and remove the remaining impurities in the clean pot. Standby standby.

(III) Precautions for operation of JOOYAN chemical kettle equipment

1. The equipment is a high-pressure closed container, and it is strictly prohibited to hit during use.

2. Check the pot door, inflatable cushion, thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve before each use.

3. Pressure gauges, safety valves are regularly tested according to national requirements to ensure sensitivity and accuracy.

4. When not in use for a long time, remove the clean water and wipe the contact between the pot door and the inflatable cushion with cooking oil.

5. The zero line of the chemical kettle equipment must be firmly grounded. It is strictly forbidden to work without grounding wire.

6. This equipment is a pressure vessel. It must be registered and registered with the local quality inspection bureau before use and issued with the registration number.

7. This equipment is professional equipment, high temperature and high pressure. It must be operated by trained personnel. It is strictly prohibited to operate without training.

8. In case of power failure, etc., it is strictly forbidden to open the pot door when the equipment cannot determine the temperature and pressure in the kettle.

9. During the working process of the equipment with pressure, it is strictly forbidden to repair. The maintenance must remove the pressure inside the pot and cut off the power supply.

10. The gas supply pressure should be greater than 0.8Mpa and the flow rate should be 0.3 tons or more.化制釜(3) Equipment parameters

1. Design pressure: 0.8Mpa

2. Test pressure: 1.0

3. Maximum working pressure: 0.7

4. Design temperature: 170 degrees

5. Steam pressure: 0.8

6. Air pressure: 0.8

7. Working medium: steam, water

8. Main pressure component material: Q235B or SUS304B

9. Diameter: 900mm

10. Height: 1800mm

11. Volume: 1.4 cubic meters

Chemical kettle price: about 5,000 US dollars

This is a miniaturized kettle. If you want more processing capacity, please choose a large horizontal chemical kettle.

retort machine for cremation
retort machine for cremation

Note: Equipment can be customized according to requirements, the size is subject to the contract.

Four: schematic diagram of the installation of the chemical kettlehuazhifu.jpgFive: the difference between chemical kettle and sterilization pot

The appearance of the chemical kettle is the same as that of the vertical sterilization pot, but the basic parameters of the design are higher than that of the vertical sterilization pot. The ordinary vertical sterilizer is designed according to the sterilization temperature of 145 degrees, and the chemical kettle is designed according to 170 degrees, which is more resistant to high temperature and high pressure.